Dinamika Yayasan Pulih Aceh dalam Memutus Rantai Kekerasan Terhadap Perempuan dan Anak yang Terjadi di Aceh (Studi Dinamika Organisasi)

Elisa Dwi Suci



Pulih Aceh Foundation is an organization that handles psychosocial and
mental problems for survivors (victims of difficult events) through advocacy
activities. In this case, the researcher wants to reveal the dynamics that occur in
the Pulih Aceh Foundation in carrying out advocacy both internally and
externally. This study uses modern organizational theory according to Amitai
Etzioni in 1985. This study uses qualitative research methods with data collection
techniques carried out through interviews, observations, and documentation. The
results showed that there were several dynamics that occurred in the Pulih
Foundation when carrying out advocacy activities to break the chain of violence
that occurred in Aceh, namely, the lack of internal coordination of the
management, miscommunication between the community and the management,unable to implement the program due to the refusal of the donors of the PulihAceh Foundation. However, from the dynamics faced by the Pulih Foundation,several potentials can be obtained, namely, forming cooperation, facilitatingwork, creating complex interactions, existing among the community.

Keywords: Dynamics, Recovery, Survivors, Aceh Recovery Foundation.

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