Pengembangan Modul Pemahaman Diri tentang Karir Untuk Siswa SMA

Yuliana Rizki, M. Husen, Nurbaity Bustamam


Adolescence is a time for individuals to prepare themselves into adulthood, there are many developmental tasks that must be passed by teenagers one of them adalan choose and set career direction. At this time many teenagers often have problems related to understanding, planning and establishing themselves with regard to career, The problem makes many students who are confused in choosing majors in college. These problems also occur due to the absence of regular guidance and counseling hours so that services provided to students, especially those related to careers are very limited. Therefore, it takes a medium that students can use independently in planning their career. This study aims to develop the media in the form of a self-understanding module on a career that is worth using both independently and as a medium in providing career guidance services. The method used in this research is research and development method. This research data is sourced from material experts, media experts, teachers and students, this research data obtained from the questionnaire. The results of this research validate the product with the material expert to conclude that the module is in good category while validari with the media expert to produce conclusion that the module is in very good category. Materials experts and media experts also provide suggestions for module improvements. The user trials of counseling and student counseling teachers after the revised module are in the good category according to the teacher and are excellent according to the students. Continuing trial use where students are given tests before the module is given, after which the students are given one week to read the module and then given the same test again. In the paired sample t-test, it is found that there is an increase in students' understanding before and after reading self-understanding module about career.

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